Supply of Completion Equipment for multi-stage fracturing with engineering support

Multi-stage fracturing CTAF (coil-tubing annular fracturing) technology provides installation of reusable sliding sleeves. This technology can be used both in a cemented liner and with annular packers, delimitating the intervals of stimulation. Frac sleeves are specially designed to carry out various types of stimulation in productive formations with the possibility of an unlimited number of opening / closing operations. The sleeves are activated by CT, then frac treatment is carried out thru annulus between TBG and CT.

CTAF Technology

• provides efficient extraction of hydrocarbon reserves due to the multiple increase in the contact area of fractures, control of the stimulation zone, size and conductivity
• reduces the timing of putting a well into operation
• no need to drill out seats / balls
• allows flushing without additional CT RIH
• equal bore diameter eliminates any restrictions on further downhole operations
• special wellhead valves with a protector allows for joint installation of hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing
• the possibility of a precise selection of fracture initiation zones (in case of being installed in a cemented liner)
• makes repeated selective frac possible