The technological level of the company’s development is one of the key factors of competitiveness in the oilfield services market. Only companies that are constantly introducing, improving and investing in advanced methods of stimulating of oil and gas wells with effective methods / resources for the implementation of such services can achieve success. We consider the development and implementation of new technologies as a priority for the Newteck development.

  • High-technology hydraulic fracturing

    The method of oil and gas wells stimulation by means of fluids and proppant pumped into the formation at high pressure.
  • CT services (WL, CTAF, Plug & Perf technologies)

    Coil tubing is a promising and developing area in the oil and gas industry and is widely used in technological, as well as workover operations carried out in gas, oil and gas condensate wells.
  • Supply of Completion Equipment for multi-stage fracturing with engineering support

    CTAF technology (coil-tubing annular fracturing) provides installation of reusable sliding frac sleeves
  • Pump down perforator Technology

    PDP technology (Pump down perforator) provides installation of isolating plugs on the wireline and perforation per one RIH (mainly for high-flow multi-stage fracturing)