Pump down perforator Technology

PDP technology (Pump down perforator) provides installation of isolating plugs on the wireline and perforation per one RIH (mainly for high-flow multi-stage fracturing)

The main advantage of Plug & Perf technology is that the entire multi-stage fracturing (except for the 1st stage) is carried out using exclusively well-logging crew and frac fleet– it can significantly reduce costs with no CT fleet involved.

The use of soluble balls can reduce the duration of work and costs for further well development. Time for setting the packer plug, perforation and well preparation for fracturing takes up to 6 hours.

This technology allows you to:

• identify promising formation zones for perforation according to WL data;
• perform hydraulic fracturing in an equal-bore casing;
• reduce the time needed to prepare for the next stage of high-speed hydraulic fracturing.
• reduction in the number of RIHs (packer plug and perforation within one run);
• minimum amount of time for drilling composite packer plugs and displacing balls.